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Don't forget about your dog's nails. Over grown nails can cause pain and foot problems if left untreated. We offer Nail Trimming at $7 with a bath.

Two people is more fun than one.  Bring a friend and prepare for lots of laughs!

Bath time is a GREAT time to clean your dog's ears and teeth.  Our Premium and Specialty Wash packages come equipped with ear cleaner and dental wipes.  If you would like to add these to the basic wash package there is an up charge of $2

Wet your dog thoroughly and gently massage the shampoo in working from head to tail.  Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.  Don't forget the face and the feet.  When washing and rinsing the face avoid getting shampoo and water in the eyes and ears.  Follow up with the conditioner and rinse.  Rinse until the water runs clear and rinse again!  Do you see a theme here?

How often should I bathe my dog?  Depends on a lot of factors.  Do they roll in the mud?  Do they go to daycare?  Do they have a skin condition? Do they sleep in your bed? A good rule of thumb is every 4-6 weeks with a shampoo formulated for dogs.   People shampoo has a pH 2 points different than dog shampoo and that can really dry out their coat.

Remain Calm even if your dog isn't.  Dogs feed off of your energy.  Have fun and they'll have fun!!!!!

Cameras and video are welcomed and encouraged in the self serve.  Who knows, your dog may be the next Rin Tin Tin.  If you have a video you would like on Dirty Dog's FB page send it to us!

There probably isn't anything more fun than bringing your children with you to wash the family dog.  However, children must be supervised by a parent at all times.

Bath time and use of the force air dryer are a great way to look for any unusual lumps, bumps, growths or ticks. 

Brush your dog's coat thoroughly before you arrive.  This will help to loosen any tangles and dead fur.  If your dog's coat is heavily matted please consider making an appointment with one of our groomers.  Water and bathing will only tighten the mats and water will get trapped under the mat leading to skin problems.

Waterproof aprons are supplied but you may still get a little wet.  Short sleeves are recommended.  Floors may get wet (and your feet too).  Please wear shoes that are waterproof and have non-skid soles

If you have a high energy dog, a good long walk, run or other form of vigorous exercise before coming can make you and your dog's bathing experience a more pleasurable one.

Bathing Tips